Energy Increase

Optimal Performance Series Class 2 -or- Individual Workshop


With more energy, employees have a higher capacity for continuous productivity without fatigue as well as improved health, stamina and well-being. 

One of the most common needs expressed by employees is to have more energy. Energy drain results from various factors, such as physical discomfort and fatigue, long hours and even procrastination. The Expert In Life™ approach addresses the causes of energy drain and teaches effective means to overcome them. In the Expert In Life Program, participants discover effective ways of maintaining high energy while working uninterruptedly for long periods of time.

In The Optimal Performance Series, participants learn to:

  • Maintain a consistently higher energy level
  • Cultivate a higher capacity for continuous productive output
  • Develop greater enjoyment and enthusiasm for work and life

“My energy level is up dramatically, and I find myself more alert and active. I find now that I am never under stress and that I can calmly and objectively pursue the company objectives. I am 46 years old and I feel like I am 30. I owe Erhard my deepest thanks.”

— Harvey Rose, Executive Vice President
Kennedy & Cohen, Inc.

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“When all faculties function in harmonious balance, our life is experienced with enthusiasm, vitality and ease; when the balance is upset, we are subject to depression, fatigue and dis-ease.”
— Erhard